Saturday, February 4, 2012

CREATIVE FUEL: Chickpea (or white bean) Blondies!

Beans for dessert?! I know it's not exactly what comes to mind first when your sweet tooth hits, but I am so happy to have found the blog Chocolate Covered Katie. She has great sweet (and savory) recipes that are very healthy and are mostly vegan/gluten free so they are fabulous for your digestive system. They are also packed with Omega 3's from the flax seed and have around 76 calories per serving.

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I posted about my love for the Glowing Green Smoothie and I will have to say that these blondies are right there with it at the top of my favorites list. Try this recipe and you won't be disappointed. I have made it with chickpeas and with cannellini beans. The cannellini beans were easier for my wonderful Vitamix to blend. (By the way, I am not paid by Vitamix- I just love it so much that I truly believe everyone would be happier if they had one. It is the best splurge ever!)

Be sure to check out Chocolate Covered Katie's other recipes, too! I've also made these: 

and this:

Both were amazing. I hope you try these and enjoy! 


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    1. Sure! Thank YOU for the fabulous recipes! I have a really hard time pacing myself on the blondies..they are usually gone in 2-3 days- I justify it as a meal replacement ;)

  2. Your work is absolutely precious! I am about to head over to your etsy shop to see more! I would love for you to hop over to my little space sometime!

    1. Thanks so much! Just checked out your blog and etsy shop! Love them!!!! :)