Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I LOVE: Pretty Packaging

I will admit- if I am torn between two products that are seemingly the same, I will choose the one with the best packaging. Often this is how I choose a new type of wine. It hasn't failed me... that often. At least the wine bottle looked good on the counter, right?! Life is too short to have ugly labels in my home (I'm half kidding). I know there are many out there with a discerning eye that will agree with me :) . So, here are some fabulous designs that I would welcome to my shelves or counters- some are actual products you can buy, and some are amazing concepts that I wish I could purchase......

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Mrs. Meyers
I have this and LOVE it. Best smelling hand soap ever. 

I chose this wine because of the label and it was great!!! It is one of my favorites now. 

Do you choose products based on the label? Any fab finds?