Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just keep growing...

I was just interviewed by a very talented illustration student. I was so flattered and it was wonderful! It also reminded me of how I never just sit and sketch in my sketchbook- which is something that all of my wonderful teachers encouraged. I have colleagues that are brilliant at this, and admire many other professionals that keep beautiful sketchbooks. (Have you ever seen Sabrinah Ward Harrison's work?!)

In case you haven't.....take a peek.......
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I need to have a project in mind in order to sit and sketch. Once I saw the best advertisement for creative software. It was simply a blank sheet of paper with simple type in the color red that spelled out HELL. It was genius. Maybe I just have a different way of working, and I need to be inspired by looking at things first instead of going straight to my sketchbook to dive right in? Yes, I'll go with that.

Anyways- my wonderful friend and genius professor, Chris Arnold, told me about a book that he is having his students check out- 642 Things to Draw. I ordered it and it is on the way to me. I can't wait to get started! One of the many amazing things my mom taught me is to continuously be learning and growing. Hopefully this book will be a great tool to inspire great new prints and ideas! Thanks again, Chris!


  1. Sabrina Ward Harrison was my hero and guiding light in college. I love her.

  2. Me too! I would LOVE to do a workshop with her.