Thursday, January 19, 2012


Studio on Fire is amazing.  It is a Minneapolis letterpress/design workspace that started out in 1999 in a basement and has grown to a 10 press operation.  The first piece I saw from them was this wonderful Golden Rule Poster:

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This inspiring poster was a father/son collaboration. Koen drew and lettered the images and words in a Sharpie, and his dad digitally arranged it. This is pure brilliance. I love the collaboration between the genius of a child's uninhibited, raw talent and a discerning designer's eye. The end result couldn't be better. AND- for it to be letterpressed onto nice, thick paper? I want this in my home. 

I kept looking around on their fabulous website, and found the rest of their work well designed and ultra-inspiring, too. 

There is just something about letterpress and the feel of that fancy, textured paper - the depth of the mark the press makes in it- the vibrant color it leaves and the way you can see the richness of the ink... aaahhhh. It just takes everything to the next level. The extra effort that goes into this process really adds to the value of the end result.

Visit their blog to read the details behind their most recent projects and collaborations.

Also check out their store! The Golden Rule Poster is for sale there, along with other great posters and calendars. Despite the lack of free wall space, I think I'm going to have to order that poster and do some re-arranging.

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