Friday, January 13, 2012


Any time I need a little inspiration, color ideas, or just to smile I pay a visit to kate spade. Everything about that website shouts happy, fun, and magic.

I am the proud owner of this iPhone case:

and I gifted this one to my sister at Christmas:

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It's a good thing she loved it, or it may have found it's way back home with me.

The simplicity of the designs and bright pops of color always keep me coming back for more, and the way this brand incorporates illustration and lettering is amazing. The green case is a perfect example, as are these charming items:

Another one of my favorite things about kate spade is the hint of 'cheekiness' that accompanies each item. The inside of the iPhone cases have a little messages printed on them. Mine is 'have courage', and the other reads 'live colorfully'- fabulous, fun reminders. I came across this on Pinterest (follow my boards!) and fell in love with the concept.

I wasn't able to track it back to the original source, so I don't know which product or packaging it is from, but I love the quote. It makes me want to come up with a simple sentence like that describing me, or the me I aspire to be. When I finally settle on what it is, I will let you know. ;)

This image pretty much sums up how I feel when perusing all of the fun that is kate spade. 

I hope it makes you smile, too!  

P.S...Sign up for their mailing list for information on their sample sales- a lot of times they'll offer an additional 25% off and it makes the luxury items a little more affordable if you want to treat yourself or someone else :) 


  1. Everything about this screams,..."LIS!" Happy New Year,...God Bless

    1. Thanks, Susie! Happy New Year to you, too!!! :)

  2. 3 posts in and you are already a fabulous blogger :) I really want the gold/white Kate Spade iPhone case, but I just got a new case for Xmas, so I'll have to wait awhile. :)

    Did you know she grew up in Kansas City? She went to a Catholic high school down on the plaza. :)

    1. Thanks, Amber- you are so sweet. I LOVE her cases. I kind of wish I could dress my phone in a new one every day!

      Yes! She went to KU :)